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Rachel Ford Author

Author of dozens of book, including award-winning space opera, comedy LitRPG sagas, nail-biting thrillers, and epic fantasy adventures.

If rousing adventures, loveable characters and laugh out loud antics are your cup of tea - pull up a chair, and let's read! :) 

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About Rachel Ford

Award-winning author Rachel Ford is a software engineer by day, and a writer most of the rest of the time. She is a Trekkie, a video-gamer, and a dog parent, owned by a Great Pyrenees named Elim Garak.


Recent Releases & News

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The Devil's Daughter

April 18, 2024

Antonia guards the devil. Caelia is his daughter.

Mayor Crassus is the most corrupt man in Black Port. He’s never met a con he didn’t like, or grift he rejected. He’s mercenary, cold-blooded, and ruthless in turns.

In order to better feather his own nest, he’s promised his daughter’s hand to one of the king’s most ruthless inquisitors. Caelia, in whose veins flows the blood of a powerful matriarchal line of witches, knows it would be a fate worse than a death sentence.

Whatever it takes, she must escape.

She turns to Knight Protector Antonia Brocklehurst, her father’s bodyguard – a woman with plenty of secrets of her own.
But Antonia’s mission could save the lives of hundreds. Can she abandon it to save one woman – even if she has loved her for years?

Ghosts of Past and Present

Feb 28, 2024

When Tennessee Evans inherited a fortune, the last thing she expected was to find her absentee family on her doorstep. But that’s exactly what happened.

Quite literally, in fact. First her dad and his new wife, then her mom and her new husband. Awkward doesn’t quite cover it.
Then her stepmom is kidnapped, and the ghosts start showing up.

Which would be bad enough on its own. But Tennessee is already juggling a complicated romance, her plans to restore the town’s downtown area, and a home renovation project.

She needs to figure out what’s going on stat. Fortunately for her, the dead are on the case, and they have a few ideas…

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Bone Appetit

Jan 30, 2024

I’m a magic-wielding Freak. My partner Flinty Jack is a sentient skeleton. We’re Flint & Co Paranormal Investigations.

Things are going well. I mean, sure, our short-term squatter seems to have turned into a perma-resident. And yeah, there are rumors that an undead serial killer might have set his sights on us next.

But work is steady, and the agency is finally on solid footing. Until one of Nat’s plaintiffs, head chef of an up-and-coming local restaurant, decides to bail on a rock solid case. She doesn’t believe he left willingly, and her firm asks us to take the case. Unpaid.

We don’t have the manpower, and we’re not doing well enough for charity cases yet. But saying no isn’t really an option. Not when it’s my fiancée asking.

Rachel Ford_ebook.jpg

Battles Unfought

December 6, 2023

A new ship. A new era. A new mission.
The Lady Bane is under new management. The military prototype turned privateer vessel is the new home and base of operations for Maggie, Kay, and the former crew of the Black Flag.
They’d prefer to spend some time getting to know the new ship. But when a high priority mission comes in from the admiralty, they can’t refuse.
The mission is straightforward: break into a secure facility owned and operated by a cabal of criminals, crack a state-of-the-art safe, and retrieve a data chip containing sensitive information.
The stakes are high. It’s a very secure facility, and very sensitive information. Wars have been waged for less.
The payout is huge – whatever they can lift from the safe, they can keep.

If they survive long enough to get away with it, anyway.

Uninvited House Ghosts

July 31, 2023

Ghosts are real, and they’re watching over their families. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. But not for the Evanses.

Tennessee Evans comes from a long, undistinguished line of crooks, grifters, layabouts, and rascals. She’s made her share of mistakes, sure, but she’s trying to break the mold. Even after a contentious breakup that hits her emotionally and financially, she works hard, keeps her head up, and carries on.
Then her ex winds up murdered in her backyard. And her prints are all over the murder weapon. She didn’t do it, but no one believes her.
Especially not the pigheaded, infuriatingly hot lead detective investigating the case. On the contrary, she seems to have it out for Tennessee.
Tennessee knows she needs help, and she needs it fast. What she doesn’t know is that the ancestral spirit council is on the job. Which is probably for the best, since their last few missions have ended in disaster – and the odd, accidental death. (Sorry about that, Jane!)
The council dispatches a 20th century American tax expert and an 18th century British criminal to tackle the case. Whether the pair can put aside centuries of personal and cultural differences to save Tennessee is anyone’s guess.
But one thing’s for sure – Marshmeadow will never be the same after this ill-advised haunting!

A supernatural cozy mystery with outrageous shenanigans, cute dogs, found family, a slow burn lesbian romance, and an old, definitely haunted house full of secrets.

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Rachel Ford ebook - small.jpg

Murder By Multiples

June 1, 2023

Quiet Fenwood-On-Sea is the perfect place for an heiress with secrets to hide. Or a killer.


Beautiful heiress Meredith Thatch married for love, and scandalized her community in the process. But her neighbors don't know the half of it. These days, she and spouse Alec keep a low profile, managing her hospital for recovering soldiers and invalids - and growing the finest roses in the county.

But when the most despised landowner in the area winds up dead shortly after feuding with the hospital, the finger of suspicion turns on the couple. And that's only the first murder.

With a Scotland Yard inspector asking uncomfortable questions and a killer on the loose, they need to solve the crime sooner rather than later. But how can they find a killer when there are suspects everywhere they turn, and motives all over the place?

Sea of Mists

May 1, 2023

Knight Protector Portia Daysen and Captain Valia Iceborn may have rescued the legendary black wyvern hatchling from one peril, but the struggle for his freedom – and their lives – is just beginning.

The route to safety lies across the perilous Sea of Mists. But those treacherous waters can only be navigated by moonlight.

With a Northern knight and a Southern inquisitor on their tails, each hellbent on revenge, the pair is running out of time and options.

But there are worse things than their pursuers lurking in the Sea of Mists…

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